By Gerry Williams (part of a family set The Williams)

1. Trainer: I run every morning, a uselessly short distance, but it helps to start the day
2. Clippers: All the boys have had at least 2 haircuts…so far…
3. TV control: family film nights have become a brilliant part of our new routine
4. “Alexa, play some 90’s power ballads”
5. Macbook: On it way too much, but grateful that tech allows me to keep working
6. Inhaler: I was unwell a while ago, this helps me to stay fit & well
7. Pasta: Most appearances in the isolation food league table, our flexible friend…
8. Watch: Keeps me on time with work & homelife all rolled into one
9. Coffee pod: One a day is a treat I look forward to
10. Dishwasher tablet: 5 people, 3 meals a day, every day - this must not breakdown!
11. Keys: The door to the garden – we’re so lucky to have the space to relax & play
12. Razor: Tried to grow an isolation beard – as expected, failed miserably
13. Dog lead: A walk & cuddle with Merve make the days & weeks much easier
14. Tongs: The BBQ skills have been improving (a bit!) in the sunny weather
15. Football: Boys still practicing hard – keeps them all fit, healthy & sane, just…