By Gontse 

1. Tv remote control to keep up to date with the news
2. Certificate, distance learning during lockdown
3. Notepad, to write down how I’m feeling during these confusing times.
4. Phone, to stay in touch and check up on friends and family
5. Laptop to work from home
6 & 7. Face-mask and hand sanitiser, for protection at all times
8. ‘A Hustler’s Bible’ book by Gayton McKenzie, to help this reality and get into a different kind of thinking.
9. Shoes, for excessing at home as I cannot go to the gym.
10. Bootle of wine for the fancy dinners I cook for my family.
11. 30 Seconds game, the bets way to get the family together all in one room.
12. Tablet, to watch movies online and play games
13. The onion represents the art of vegetable farming that I learned during this time
14. The small speaker represents all the new music I have come across during lockdown.