By Hang Jin

1. Tea set, I have always been fascinated by the Oriental tea culture. I wake myself up every morning with a cup of tea as it adds a sense of ritual to my life.
2. Quick-frozen dumplings, I always take 10 minutes to cook Quick-frozen dumplings to have a nutritious meal on a busy day in order to save time.
3. Sichuan hotpot condiment. This is my favorite seasoning. After adding water to the hot pot sauce, you can simply add your favorite vegetables and meat, which is a delicious meal.
4. Necessities: house key
5. Necessities: passport
6. Bank card: my monthly expenses are paid out of this card.
7. Wireless earphones. I am obsessed with immersing myself in the world of music, which can bring me a good mood. You can also avoid disturbing others.
8. Laptop, I use it for studying, researching, and watching entertainment videos.
9. Mobile phone and charger. I can do anything with my mobile phone, study, look up information, buy subway tickets, chat on WeChat, shop online, transfer money and so on.
10. Glasses, make sure I can see clearly every day.
11. Water-soluble colored lead. I developed the habit of drawing at least one sketch a day since I was in college
12. Teddy, for comfort.
13. The sweeping robot, it helps me do housework and free my hands. It is time-saving.
14. Disposable face masks, necessities for everyone during Coronavirus.
15. Dettol disinfectant, to sterilize items and floors to eliminate novel Coronavirus.