By Ivy Baby

1. Mask - I normally use one per day.
2. Hand Sanitiser - use it when I don’t have a chance to wash hands
3. Mac book - work work work
4. Copic markers - my favourite drawing too
5. Canson watercolor sketch book - draw something cute by my copic markers
6. Water bottle - A gift from Wadee, keep drinking warm water
7. Anti bacteria spray - keep away from the virus.
8. Iphone 11 - news, social media apps, work stuffs
9. Lavender pillow spray - relax me and help me to get sleep faster, sometime it works, sometime it doesn’t.
10. Wadee - my fiancée, the one who makes me smile and laugh hard all the time. .
11. Kang calcium C - get some calcium and vitamin C to support the immune system and helps the body stay strong, I also eat kiwi and orange.
12. Thermometer - this is a must.
13. Cap - You don’t want to put make up on your face when you wearing a mask, this cap can save my image when you have no make up and your hair is extremely messy.
14. Hand Cream - you really need it when your hands have been washed for 100 times in a day.
15. Alcohol pad - clean my cell phone and the things I always touch.