By Jack Hobden (13 years old)

1. Gambling chips and a pack of cards- got into poker in lockdown
2. Ping bat and ball- For playing on our new table tennis with my brother and dad
3. Clay carrot- I make some clay objects when board
4.  Stapler and pen- for school work
5. Phone- for watching hours of Tick Tock
6. Sliders - as i don't often have to put normal shoes on
7. Trainers - training for my half marathon
8. Laptop - for my home schooling
9. Running watch - to track my runs
10. TV remote - for moments of boredom
11. X box controller - the best way to speak to my friends
12. Bread flour - i have made nann breads and focaccia which was disgusting
13. Cream crackers - to snack on
14. The Week magazine
15. A pillow - to hide behind when watching the Lost box sets
16. Orange squash - i have drunk a lot of this
17. Jumper - my birthday present just before lockdown