By James Jones (18 years old)

1. Running shoes, been going on runs every other day to keep happy and healthy
2. Stella, self-explanatory, the finest!
3. Snoop Dog vinyl, favourite vinyl I own and has quickly become the soundtrack to my lockdown experience
4. Carhartt jeans, worn every day, dressing like I’m going out has helped me feel better
5. Bourne identity DVD, the Bourne series is one of my favourites and in general watching DVDs for both fun and escapism has been good for me
6. iPad, mostly used for watching YouTube and staying in contact with friends
7. Adidas trainers, worn every day for same effect as jeans
8. ‘Do androids dream of electric sheep’, a book I’ve been reading through lockdown
9. Ring, recent birthday gift, has had a grounding effect
10. Sock monkey, have made several monkeys out of socks during lockdown for fun and to keep busy
11. Tobacco pouch, very occasional smoking adds some structure to my days
12. Tennis racket, I have been playing tennis since I was 8, now hitting against the wall in my garden!
13. Table tennis bat, have been playing against my dad on our kitchen table with a makeshift net made from books
14. Pool cue, have taken up pool - Dad bought a cheap mini pool table from Argos
15. Doritos, incredible tortillas enjoyed with chilli dip