By Jami Brames

The top 15 items that have brought me joy while quarantining.
From left to right:
1. Epson salt baths (almost daily)
2. Burning my favorite candles
3. Propagating and caring for plants (it’s a jungle in here)
4. My @breville milk frother (seriously the best)
5. @onepeloton (so glad to have this community and the bike is completely worth it!)
6. Pepper + eggs have been my breakfast of choice 🌶🍳
7. Zum mist (my go to body mist which doubles as a room spray)
8. @nespresso pods
9. @jesuscalling for my nightly meditation
10. Eggs 🥚
11. 💛 @topochicousa
12. Dark chocolate 🍫
13. Wine bottle opener (a necessary tool)
14. @haydesign glass straws (makes any drink feel extra and so pretty)
15. My glasses from @warbyparker 👓 (a nightly reminder that bedtime routines matter)

Indiana, United States