By Jane Spencer

Quarantine life in Sandgate, Kent

1. Sourdough - Comforting both to make and eat
2. Dog collar - Represents the gorgeous Baxter.
3. Playing cards - Every dinner time is Rummy 500 time with the family.
4. Radio - @gillespeterson @laurenlaverne and many more, mostly 6 music peeps.
5. Dress (Unworn) - I bought this @tallulahandhope just before lockdown, I’m looking forward to the party I will wear it to, whenever that will be.
6. Trainer - Running is the best thing for my mental health.
7. Baby Broad Bean plant- The garden.
8. Books - I’m broadening my diet.
9. Earl Grey Tea - Black no sugar.
10. Squeegee - Working in the studio always good.
11. Brush - I don’t love the labour but a cleanish tidyish house feels better.
12. Camera - Mostly pics of the dog.
13. Cake - Something sweet to pick-me-up.
14. @tombow_uk brush pens - for my @illustration_noodles work.
15. Crochet - Not a clue what I’m doing but finding this so relaxing to do.