By Jezabel Cohen

1. Scarf use it for every travel to the supermarket/ bus/ work
2. Garlic in everything
3. Yerba mate since I never have time to drink I enjoy every morning with
4. Organic citric Honey
5. Green Chilly pepper cook all with it also add them raw to my salads or rice.
6. lemon 🍋 every morning to boost my vitamin c
7. Book of Psalms, Tehilim, is in my bag everywhere I go as my poetic amulet is the first book of the writings in the 3rd section of the Hebrew Bible, Torá.
8. nNw Singer sewing machine bought it now to fix and invent some clothes during lockdown
9. Malbec an Argentinean wine variety that is now made in Israel as well.
10. Hip flask that have got whisky in it, sometimes I like to have a sip before I go to sleep or when I return from the stress of the outside world.
11. Quartz stone I use to lift my face when I put some oil or cream, help oils work better.
12. Cinnamon stick I put in every hot drink to give some flavour. There are other things like my guitar, my cello or toilet paper that are essentials but didn’t fit in the frame so next time