By Joachim Afemikhe 

Despite the rising numbers, we are easing the lockdown gradually and we are in the second phase of the easing process. Everything is going back to normal, we now have market days; Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Schools and house of worships are still closed, certain measures are being put in place for those in graduating classes to take their final exams. We practice social distancing in public transports and places and you must wear your face mask or pay a fine. This second phase ends July 21st and we are just hoping that other students can resume classes after this.

“My 411 kit”

1.  Laptop and my hard disk,  for my graphic design and projects
2. JBL speaker,  for my music non stop,  keeps the soul alive
3. Diary,  to put down ideas and thoughts for my next project and write stuff
4. Whiskey, of course
5. Ice cream, I just love them especially with a movie
6. Netflix and chill.
7. Bible and chaplet,  I have to thank God each day for protection in this period
8. My happy pillow,  gives me hope for a Better tomorrow
9. LUDO game,  this game is fun and it is played with two dice and four players and I happen to be an unbeaten champion at home. Lol. It helps me think. There also the card game.. Nigerian WHOT.
10. body essentials, still gotta smell good you.
11. Sneakers, just got them though for workouts or for some outing.
12. Hoodie, it's the rainy season here and kinda really cold.  Keeps me warm
13. Hand sanitizer.
14. Fan,  I swear a lot,  keeps me dry.
15. My blanket, always comes through.