By Jolynn Hansen

1. Foam Roller (I was at a Kitchen table working 8-14 hours per day depending on the day and, WOW that kills your back).
2. Remote control (Not proud of this but I usually watched Netflix to unwind at the end of every day.
3. Phone (I was on work calls frequently as well as checking in on socials).
4. Glasses (These are blue-light blocking glasses as I was in front of the screen for hours on end.  They are a LIFESAVER).
5. Deep Blue lotion (Similar to Icy Hot;  Amazing for sore muscles).
6. Planner (Ironically, I had MORE to keep track of during COVID lockdown than before).
7. Books (This is one of the few books I started during our lockdown).
8. Adrenal Support (Stressful times = supplements to boost your system's productivity).
9. Laptop (All day, every day).
10. Toothbrush (Obvious reasons)
11. Headphones (Co-working with multiple people in a home that does not have dedicated office space is NOT ideal.  headphones came in so handy for Zoom calls, focus work, etc.)
12. Scrabble tiles (My family and I love playing games and we started doing nightly game nights as we are all spread around the country.  We played a game called "speed scrabble" where you basically play your own board until someone runs out of tiles).
13. Sleep supplements (again, stressful times...)
14. Jump rope (This was my key to moving my body every day and I used it as a nice distraction during work breaks.
15. Apple Watch (I'm clearly a walking apple commercial based on this picture, BUT this was key in reminding me when to move, stand up, breathe, etc.).