By José

1 & 2. Joystick and remote control. These represents my sources of entertainment during the pandemic
3. Laptop. Represents working from home
4. Badyet Book. Represents my budgeting plan during the lockdown
5. Bank cards. Essential for accessing funds
6&7. Face mask and shield. Important items to bring when going outside
8. Stuffed toy. It represents bonding with my children
9. Cellphone. For communication during the pandemic
10. Glasses. Since I’m working from home, I need to use my glasses
11. Photo. This shows my wife and I; I look at this fondly and get inspiration
12. Alcohol. Needed when interacting with other people
13. Scissors. For decorating the house
14. Car keys. For transportation since public transportation has been limited during the pandemic
15. Toothbrush. Represents self-care at all times