By Josh Wasserman

We have had some incredible weather since lockdown, and I have been making the most of the opportunity to do the things that I love: messing around outside

1 & 2.  Power drill and gloves - Kate and I have transformed our yard into a city veggie patch, with scavenged wood, soil, pallets, rocks, seeds, hoses and seeds. We will celebrate our first harvest by mid-summer.
3, 4 & 5. Sun cream, hat and bottle - it’s hot work in the sun!
6. A birthday present from my family, this speaker has been close by since
7. Za’atar - transforms a dish, just use your imagination to where it can go. Hot flatbreads :)
8. Sardines or anchovies - Either of these nearly always make it into lunch
9. Beer - After a busy day, I can’t resist
10. Magimix - I cook a lot, and upgraded some parts of my food processor, which has been used extensively since being home
11. Tahini - a new love - mix with date syrup for some super-sweet comfort food
12. Cards - these go with the beer
13. Moose’s tennis ball - symbolic of my ticket to freedom
14. Chocolate - This should be last, I have every night :o
15. Spaghetti - A staple in my house, ultimate comfort food, it is also super cheap, which helps stretch the cash in these uncertain times…

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