By Julius 

1. Always on facemask.
2. Sneakers for lite jogging every morning during lockdown for fitness.
3. Cap for preventing dust and sun during morning walk-outs.
4. Eating cucumber to regulate my diet system.
5. Always using my brand's mug to drink tea.
6. I regularly drink Lipton after my morning walk.
7. Reading management book often for updating financial life and business knowledge.
8. I always read Nigerian pastor TB Joshua inspiration book for a better understanding of our society.
9. Notepad to write down information derived either from reading or what’s going on in the world right now.
10. I regularly wash hands with liquid soap to prevent Covid-19.
11. Always moving along with hands sanitiser.
12. Smartphone, a gadget that really serves as good friend to me during lockdown as radio and also for communicating to people.
13. My laptop really keeps me busy during lockdown, always sourcing global information about the effect of the pandemic on it.
14. Local game called  Ludo to play with my family
15. I’m studying the holy bible at night to gain spiritual wisdom to deal with life at the time of lockdown.