By Kajal Vatsa

Since March, we've been on a heightened alert - what is called 'Orange' Dorscon here in Singapore. We had a 'circuit breaker' - essentially a lockdown for almost 2 months. Homelocked and being forced to create new routines was actually a wakeup call for creativity - for me. I run a Design start up and the last few years have been non-stop travel and business for me. So a forced pause, a reset has been surprisingly good for me.

My essentials top row to bottom, left to right

1. Amazon Kindle: I read to unwind most nights. This lockdown enabled me to catch up on a lot of reading and discover new authors too.
2. Mask: This one was issued by SG govt to all residents. Navy blue basic utility but very comfortable in our humid environment
3. Hand Sanitizer: This was a HOT commodity back in March. I was given this one by my gym manager - a lovely sweet lady.
4. Essential Oils - I use a blend called Breathe Easy, which has peppermint and eucalyptus - great for moments of anxiety
5. Lip balm - I needed something non sticky under the mask, one that still feels special. This is Glossier lip balm in cherry (tastes like a lifesaver)
6. Hand Cream: Sibling to the hand sanitizer and frequent washing. This one by Aesop is non greasy and smells lovely. Easy transportation to a lovely summer in Melbourne
7. Tea: This is a sencha (Japanese Green Tea) with Momo (peach) - smells divine and is perfect for early evenings when I've caffeinated through the day.
8. Chanel nail protector: In my regular life, I have a standing appointment pedicures and nail filing every 2 weeks. This protective coat adds a little shine to my nails while I do my own manicure.
9. Tiny Speaker - Got this in Riyadh of all places - last year. Was initially used for music in our work spaces while travelling. It's been great for music and picnics in my verandah, as well as listening to podcasts while cooking
10. Airpods - for the gazillion calls everyday
11. iPad pro - For writing, sketching, Netflix and emailing while lounging in jammies
12. Crystals - I love these for meditation. Here we have a mix of rose quartz and pyrite. For calm, love and protection
13. Glasses - great time to take a break from contact lenses
14. Incense - my favourite one from Astier de Villate. I usually pick this up when travelling to Hong Kong or Tokyo. This particular one is called Namche Bazaar which a town in Nepal. It is smoky, with yerba mate and lavendar notes. I light one most mornings before I begin my day
15. Dumbells - Coz I need to work out to stay sane!! My gym did a zoom series of daily workouts - and these little dumbells helped me with upper body strength sessions.