By Karen Rosenkranz

1. Favourite mug
2. Letters from a dear friend – a new habit we picked up even though we live close to each other
3. Flowers from the park
4. Analogue camera – I take a photo of my kids every day since lock-down started. We’re on day 79.
5. Games
6. Yoga mat - doing crossfit zoom classes and kundalini yoga helps me stay sane, maybe the most essential activity of all
7. Cosy socks
8. Many Moons lunar planner
9. Natural wine – my husband went to France in January and brought back many cases of amazing natural wine. We’re tasting our way through it.
10. Ducksoup cookbook - I like cooking anyway, but now we appreciate a nice meal more than ever
11. Coffee from the local roastery
12. Natural dye experiments - I have been doing lots of watercolour and fabric dyeing with the kids
13. Everyday oil - the scent is very comforting
14. Palo Santo - another a comforting ritual
15. Fat & the Moon natural highlighter - look better on zoom ; )