By Katie Hillyer

1. Muscle Roller - my body is in bits so I pretend to be as good as the osteopath.
2. A book - I'm trying to fit in some bedtime reading before I fall into a heap. I manage 2 pages.
3. The paintbrush - 6 years of hoping I'll get round to painting the staircase. No excuse now not to paint the staircase, slowly slowly.
4. The inky List product - Anything from here to help my face not feel so old, tired and angst ridden.  
5 & 6. Extra large ice-cubes and lemons for a nightly tipple. Tequila helps.
7. Yoga Mat - If I can fit in 15 mins or more of something vaguely resembling exercise whilst the children entertain themselves, then we all win.
8. Seedlings - sowing some herbs from scratch, ready by Christmas? Kids are over it already.
9. Dominos - teaching some old school games.
10. Colouring with the kids using old Caran D'Ache pencils from my childhood. How they survived or why they were kept all this time is unfathomable, but they are the best. Calming and therapeutic.
11. Badminton in a small garden equals less ringing of the neighbours bell " canwehaveourballbackmister?"
12. Epsom Salts - bath time essential, for everyone.
13. Anna Jones is a wonder so am working my way through her cookbook......but how much Paneer or silken tofu is one supposed to own?
14& 15. Bluetooth speaker and diffuser lavender oil has been useful for the kids to relax and switch off at bedtime, some days the emotions and confusing questions have been high, and in full effect.