By Katy Morrish

1. Plants - I like being surrounded by plants in my home and have enjoyed this time to repot and look after them.
2. Cookbooks - I especially love this Feast cookbook that a friend gave me just before our lockdown began. I have been happily trying recipes and meal planning for my family.
3. Gratitude journal - to remind myself of all the good things
4. Lemon - on the day I took this photo I was making a lemon cake with my 2 boys, I am so grateful for this time with them.
5. Fabric - I made this tea towel and I have enjoyed sewing more than I have in years.
6. My Garmin watch - this has helped me stay active and kept track of my daily steps and runs.
7. Diffuser oil - for my lockdown birthday my 3 sister in laws bought me a diffuser and I have been enjoying the time to relax and the aromas of geranium, orange and nutmeg.
8. Magnesium - I take this every day and would definitely recommend it for many reasons.
9. My book - so much time to read, this makes me happy. I love reading.
10. Headphones - for my daily dog walk along the beach. I like to listen to audiobooks or podcasts.
11. My favourite mug - my son bought me this, so much tea is being drunk at the moment!
12. My daily planner - at first I thought it was pointless at this time but actually its helped keep me focussed on daily tasks and goals.
13. Skin food - I could not be without this, its amazing on my dry skin.
14. Eye pillow - I made this and filled it with lavender, its so nice to use. Particularly after a yoga session.
15. Yoga mat - I was going to classes twice a week before lockdown and really enjoying it. I am trying to keep it going and do it via zoom.