By Kerstin Heusinger

My 15 COVID-19 essentials during quarantine (which has actually been an immensely precious time so far)

1. Water Kimchi - highly recommended by a living Buddha for strengthening the immune system. First time I prepared waterkimchi myself - major discovery! 🍲
2. Hand lotion - due to eager hand washing👐
3. Clipboard and paper to enhance the precious practice of copying the LotusSutra 📝
4. Fineliner for smooth handwriting🖋
5. "The Soul of Screenwriting" by Keith Cunningham - Rediscovery of regular reading, integrating the awareness that the writing process just as the writer's individual experiences cannot be separated from any structural approach. Note: Getting lost is part of the process too 📖
6. 60 one-way syringes - one every day to prevent thrombosis 💉
7. Turkish/ greek coffee that I haven't drunk in a long time and that requires presence at the gas flame during its preparation ☕
8. Orthesis for my broken foot - double lockdown, in a way👣
9. Charging cable - constant presence to keep my Note 3 working 🔌
10. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - connection to the external world .📲 .
11. Reading glasses - no comment 👓
12. Ginger - never consumed that much ginger just within a few weeks 🥓
13. Tally counter for firm Mantra counting during the unexpected soloretreat .💫 .
14. CBD Super Sleep - always helpful for a sound sleep (@zamnesiaxseeds, why is it no longer available in your shop??) .👻 .
15. Barrette that inspired me to create a new hairstyle for zoom meetings