By Klaus Hobkinson (Dog) 

Things that give a little schnauzer dog comfort.
By Mimi & Oscar Hobkinson mat for workouts with my humans.
2. Filled Food bowl.
3. Tiger with eyes chewed off (I do it to release my stress).
4.Dog treats.
5 Old tennis ball.
6.Clippers to keep my fur fresh and my eyebrows trimmed so I can see.
7. Ocado bag repurposed as a poo bag.
8. Secret selection of eyes chewed off from soft toys.
9. School sock of little human.
10. Lead for my daily run.
11.Human furry house shoes for a good sniff.
12. Bed for napping.
13. Bagel for additional snacking.
14. Lasagna sheet caught during human extensive food preparation.
15. Flower pot with saucer for some fresh water