By Kris Walpot

“Things that keep me sane”
I’m a Senior Clinical Fellow at King's College Hospital London working on the A&E department Covid-19 wards

1. Wine - doesn't everyone need a little wine? :)
2. Laptop - much needed to stay connected to the outside world, to be entertained (i.e. tv/movie streaming), and to remain up to date with my medical knowledge via online lectures/courses and access to medical literature. 
3. Tabasco - a little bit of spice with my avocados is always nice!
4. Avocado(s) - these are fuel for my body and soul, and they remind me of being in a tropical place.
5. Phone - much needed to be able to stay connected to my family and friends, and for staying informed with the news and social media.
6. Battery pack - my phone's battery is on its way out, so this battery pack is a must have.
7. Playing cards - I enjoy a bit of cardistry and doing some magic card tricks from time to time... but practicing my moves while I'm home or while I'm studying is also soothing and helps me concentrate.
8. Bluetooth headphones - absolutely needed while on conference calls or listening to courses during my self-study time.
9. Kindle - reading for pleasure is crucial for my own edification and mental health.
10. Work/Hospital scrubs - this is just necessary work apparel, and as I'm an emergency medicine doctor, scrubs must always be handy and ready to go.
11. Coffee bean grinder - an absolute must have in my life as I always prefer grinding my own beans!
12. Chocolate - a bit of sweet fuel is always welcome! 
13. Skateboard - Well, I live right across a skate park and as I got increasingly jealous of seeing people have so much fun doing tricks on their skateboards, my partner and our housemate decided to surprise me one day and got me my own skateboard! :)
14. Bluetooth speaker - this is a must have for me and my partner to enjoy our Spotify music lists.
15. Coffee - it is impossible for me to start the day without a fresh cup of coffee. Period.