By Kristina Gamst Povlotsky

1. Lavender, many hours spent gardening.
2. Freya’s baseball cap, looking cool still important 😎.
3,4. hand cream and hand gel, no explanation needed!
5. Micro version of Kristina’s Fiat500, transporting her to work at the municipal health centre.
6. iPhone - say no more...
7. Pop corn, the kids’ favourite snack.
8. Trainers, running is more important than ever.
9. Watermelon, kids can’t through a day without.
10: Bluetooth speaker, making up for cancelled concerts and not going to Roskilde Festival this year.
11. Watering can = see no. 1 😉.
12: Beer - especially needed after all the gardening.
13. Chocolate milk, Yasmin’s favourite.
14. Home schooling - self portrait by Freya.
15. LOL - kids getting spoiled.

                                                                                                                                    Sønder Stenderup, Denmark