By Krystel Sam

1. Wine - I bought this ridiculously large bottle of Chardonnay because of the name “Creative Juice” and it is now my favorite! Very affordable too!
2. Face Mask - to protect you. Also the message is very loud and clear, just like me.
3. Running shoes - I haven’t actively ran since my soccer years and I forgot how much I enjoy it. So far I have ran over 60 miles during quarantine.
4. Water - refer to 3 and the temps are close to 100 here in sunny AZ.
5. Shades - refer to 3 & 4, polarized to protect those eyes.
6. Stream TV - to avoid the WH briefings.
7. Freshly ground coffee is always needed.
8 & 9. Guasha and lavender face oil - if you are not taking care of your skin, who will?
10. My Luna girl always by my side.
11. Headphones - because music is everything.
12. Sunscreen ALWAYS - this one by Tatcha is my fave.
13. Laptop - to keep going!
14. Weights - for when I do watch the WH briefings.
15. Iphone (not pictured) to keep in touch with everyone I love!