By Lana Markham (12 years old - part of a family set The Markhams)

1. Dog collar for Astro (Because Astro didn’t fit in the photo)
2. Harry Potter ‘Goblet Of Fire’ (The Harry Potter books keep my occupied when I’m bored. I find them interesting and you can read them for hours without getting bored).
3. Ööloom Panda Sleeping mask (It represents me sleeping and I sleep a lot. It’s also for useful for scary movies)
4. Pasteis De Nata from @alojaportugesedelicatessen (My favourite food in the world and the Deli delivers their frozen ones during lockdown so we can make them at home)
5. Gymnastics (handstand-training) Parallette (one of two) made by @woodwerk_haarlem (I normally train 3 times a week for 3 hours and lockdown stopped not only the competition season but also us from doing any at all gymnastics in the gym hall. I have mats at home, a practice beam and blocks so I can try and maintain my fitness and flexibility.
6. AppleTV remote - I use this to watch anime.
7. Day plan made by Lana - I use this when I do home-schooling to make sure I don’t forget stuff, don’t get bored out of my mind and have enough breaks (and not annoy my mum as we share the table to work from).
8. Apple pencil (I use this to do digital art on Procreate. I absolutely love drawing on Procreate)
9. Normal pencil (I use this for drawing on paper)
10. Chubby Bob plush seal (Chubby Bob is adorable.)
11. Multi-vitamins for kids (I put this on to make Mum happy)
12. HP Chromebook (from school) (I use this to do school work and keep in contact with my teacher and class)
13. Leaf from crabapple tree in our backgarden (representing nature) (I love going outside and seeing nature and seeing how Spring appeared - the flowers, the birds and I find insects very interesting).
14. Toilet paper (I can’t live without toilet paper because I use it every day)
15. Royal Gala apple (I like apples and these one are juicy and sweet unlike other ones)