By Laura Swain

1. Yoga mat - I've leaned heavily into yoga during lockdown for both the physical and emotional benefits
2. Flute - have been picking up my flute again after a several-year hiatus, which has been lovely - bit rusty though to say the least. Currently learning @ludovico_einaudi's back catalogue.
3. This blanket - have been enveloped in this bad boy 90% of the time
4. Laptop - for work and zooms with friends & fam
5. @nike running shoes - much like the flute, have picked up running around Tooting common again during lockdown with @hobbitrex
6. Eye mask - for weekends, as our blinds don't quite block out enough light past 5.30am
7. Skin care - my skin has been thanking me for it's mostly makeup-free lockdown existence, but have been religiously sticking to my usual eve routine of @glossier milky jelly cleanser, @theinkeylist polyglutamic acid and @avene_uki hydrating cream
8. Sour beer - been ordering in a plethora of sour beers from whomever will sell them to me. This one is from @lhgbrewpub, but other faves include @brewyorkbeer, @brickbreweryse15, @gipsyhillbrew and @thornbridge
9. Gin - this one's from @bloomginand it's divine
10. Wireless headphones - for work calls so as not to drive Rob mad, but also represents all the audio books, podcasts and YouTube binging that's keeping me (somewhat) sane
11. Oreo cookies - these are the fake Aldi version, but the sentiment remains the same - obsessed
12. @missminifer's cookbooks - bung all of the ingredients in a tin and throw in the oven. Perfect. This vegan one in particular is magic
13. Flowers - have bought fresh flowers each week to bring some outside joy into our London flat. Tulips have been a particular fave for the springtime vibes
14. Comfy trousers - elasticated waistes only please
15. Cozy slippers - to warm up my icicle feet

London, United Kingdom