By Lay Peng

1. BODY WEIGHT SCALE. To monitor my weight regularly so that I dont't gain weight during the lockdown.
2. EARPHONES. My essential equipment when attending webinar or joining a meeting without disturbing other people
3. NOTEBOOK. To write down my daily routine and To-do-list so that I could finish all my task on time.
4. SHEET MASK. To keep my skin smooth and hydrating all the day!
5. SWEET POTATO & BROWN RICE MIX. To start my day with healthy breakfast.
6. COLLAGEN DRINK. To improve my skin health which I had neglected for a long time.
7. MOBILE PHONE. My source of entertainment, finally I am able to play all my games
8. SMALL BLACK BOARD. To give myself positive mindset and positive thinking every morning.
9. SHIRUTO (SUPPLEMENT). My lockdown essential to boost up my immune system
10. DUMBBELL. Exercise regularly to shape up my body and control my body weight while we can’t go for outdoor activities
11. WATER BOTTLE. I always keep myself hydrated to maintain a good health
12. GLASSES. One of my lockdowns essential to protect my eyesight from deteriorate.
13. SANITIZER. Germs are everywhere! One of the most important steps to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to those around us is to use sanitizer regularly.
14. BAKING UTENSILS. New hobby since lock down. I look into new baking recipe and learn how to bake.
15. PANS. Cooking skills improved automatically as I practiced home-cooked meals since lock down.