By Lebogang 

1. Laptop to work from home
2. Butter, I bake up a storm since we cannot go out dining
3. Wooden spoon, I became a chef and tried out new recipes because I had loads of time on my hands.
4. Multivitamins, in order to build a strong immune system that can fight the virus
5. ProLove pack of condoms - to avoid pregnancy throughout the lockdown period
6. Pack of cards to keep entertained
7. Colouring book, to keep kids entertained and educated during lockdown
8. Bible, to stay closer to God since we cannot go to church
9. Radio, to keep the whole house dancing and having fun throughout lockdown
10. Router, to connect to the internet for work, banking and shopping online
11. Brewing yeast to brew our homemade alcoholic beverage (alcohol sales are banned during lockdown)
12. “Learn and Carry" kiddies CDs, for kiddies to learn while they have fun.
13. TV remote control to stay tuned to television for news and loads of movies
14. Games on cellphone, to keep entertained
15. Face covering mask - to stay safe from contracting the virus