By Libby Gillen

1. Peloton that was delivered 1.5 weeks into shelter in place.
2. My red readers.
3. My teenagers as I so thankful I’m not WFH with toddlers.
4. Awake tea
5. “Alexa, play Hamilton the broadway musical”.
6. My refillable water bottle
7. Work notebook/ on going to do list
8. Bic pens I’ve collected
9. Evedare- eyelash serum since I can’t get my lashes done. I don’t think it’s working.
10. Hoop earrings and wishbone necklace
11. Bandana to cover my greys and tame the Afro
12. Apple TV/ Netflix for movies and Schitts Creek
13. Wine in my fancy glasses
14. Lavender to help me sleep (it’s not working)
15. Currently reading “All I Ever Wanted” by Kathy Valentine. I am a connector and this social distancing is NOT working for me. State well.

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