By Liliana Cadena

“Objects that reinvented me”

1. Notepad: I learned to better organise myself by daily logging my thoughts, ideas and objectives.
2. Nikon camera: I had not touched it for a while but since lockdown and I have creatively reconnect with it.
3. Incense: they help me keep harmony at home
4. Water bootle: keeping hydrated has become a new priority
5. Cafetiere: it has become a necessity and a new way to share important moments with my family.
6. Glasses: my eyesight has deteriorated since lockdown I need to upgrade my prescription.
7. Healing with Angels by Doreen Virtue book. Essential readings to nourish my soul.
8. Floreo Luna MINI: looking after myself and my skin has never been as important to me.
9. Hormigas Culonas (Colombian edible ants): reappreciating nutricious home-grown local food by the people in our communities.
10. Face mask: it was a radical abrupt change to start wearing one, but also it meant safety and new identity.
11. Washing up gloves: cleaning became a new obsession
12: Tablet: I learned to use new apps (sketching, languages and mediation) to help me with my design profession and personal life. They have all empowered me and made me feel proud.
13. Sneakers: for the first time I stopped worrying about “how do I look”. Used to always “dress to impress” I’ve never felt so confident and comfortable wearing relaxed clothes, this has taught me about the things that truly make me happy.
14. Wine: to accompany family dinners at home.
15. Earphones: I have spent a lot of time listening and discovering new music and genres.