By Lindsey Shepherd

“My 15 things that have brought me joy before, during and after quarantine”

1. Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Hand Was smells like the spa which is awesome when you’re washing your hands 100 times a day
2. Wine! No explanation necessary
3. My amazing son, Parke and his wonderful hugs
4. My handsome husband, his positivity has been amazing during all this! And our two dogs, Callie and Diego
5. Flowers!!! 6. The Half Baked Harvest cookbook and website is a treasure trove of amazing recipes!
7. Books!!! Reading every night is such an amazing escape
8. Charlotte Tilbury lip is my new fave
9. UNO! The greatest and best game ever
10, 11 & 12. Lush Sleepy lotion smells heavenly and is part of my long bedtime routine as is Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask and Lancer The Method scrub
13. I’m not functional without my Nespresso in the morning
14. Apple TV!!! Thank goodness for all the amazing TV available to us right now!
15. Last but definitely not least, my amazing girlfriends who keep me cracking even when times are tough