By Lisa Sturley

1.  Yoga Mat - Zoom yoga with Jenny from Free Spirited.
2. Fresh flowers in the house.
3. LS Art Classes- love teaching Art.
4. De Rosier chocolate, delicious!
5. Camomile Tea - relaxing before bedtime.
6. ‘No place like home‘ ornament, as we’ve made the most of being, de-cluttering, cooking, workouts, reading and painting!
7. Relaxing Lavender Candle for brightening up the evening time.
8. Banana/Strawberry - eating as healthy as possible!
9. Happy Families Playing Cards - represents the fun games we’ve done virtually with my sister online.
10.  PE with Joe, he brightens up my day with his enthusiasm and keeps me fit!
11.  Cycle Helmet - rediscovered my love of cycling for daily exercise.
12.  Apple Computer - for Zoom connections with family and friends.
13.  Cat - Millie, loyal and comforting.
14.  Plants with trowel - represents all the gardening I’ve done!
15.  Watercolour set - as I’ve enjoyed painting by myself for pleasure.