By Liz

1. YOGA MAT (UNDERNEATH), this set a fitness goal for myself during lockdown. No excuse for having no time to exercise anymore.
2. ART BOOK. Doodling was a new hobby that I took up at this time, I realised it was quite healing and enjoyable.
3. NOTEBOOK. Apart from doodling, I also learned some simple calligraphy and I started including it in my daily to do list.
4. TABLET. This is the one thing that I spend most of the time using; when working, during meetings, while attending webinar/classes/courses or meeting friends via zoom. I also sometimes use it for watching YouTube or drama.
5. SOUP LADLE. Cooking or baking become one of my interest. Since I’m not able to buy or eat outside, I decided to learn how to cook and bake myself.
6. ANECDOTES IN THE WORLD. This book fed my curiosity about the world.
7. FACIAL MASK. Skincare became a must in my daily routine
8. LIPSTICK. My side business that I needed to maintain especially during this hard time
9. SUPPLEMENT. To take care of my immune system
10. HAND SANITISER. Essential item every time I go out
11. SURGICAL MASK. A very limited item, I must find a way to purchase some more
12. SMART PHONE. Essential item nowadays; I can’t go a day without using it.
13. AIRPODS. I like to use it to listen to relaxing music when I meditate
14. TV REMOTE CONTROL. For watching drama and news with family
15. FOODS. One thing I think about everyday