By Liz Tobin

1. Plants, plants, plants
2. Along with plants...making my yard beautiful before the AZ heat kills it
3. A pretty picture I purchased for my guest bedroom, but decided I want to look at it all day in the living room
4. So much fun quality time with my family...and dreaming of the beach
5. @drunkelephant Virgin Marula Facial Oil makes me feel like a dewy 20-year-old
6. No need for contacts...loved wearing my glasses every day
7. Alexa, for our impromptu dance parties
8. My favorite tiki glass because margaritas are life
9. Swimming with the fam and watching Lincoln get braver and braver in the pool
10. My remote...duh. Any new shows to recommend?
11. PITA CHIPS...I’m addicted
12. AirPods with noise cancellation...because I have 3 children
13. I’ve learned how to use my sewing machine after 13 years
14. My drill...home improvements are out of control
15. Last but not least, getting @target and @amazon packages on my doorstep gives me a daily surprise of what I ordered after too many margaritas 🍹