By Lloyd Court

1. Ekans - mine and my boyfriend’s pet snake has been an amazing source of comfort during this time. Looking after her (being a reptile means a lot of checks) is giving me focus.
2. My MacBook - I’m able to write and work whilst at home.
3. My PlayStation controller - playing video games has definitely taken my mind off what’s happening.
4. My phone - able to connect with my team and watch TikTok 😂
5. Coffee - I mean...does it need an explanation?
6. Bath salts - these bath salts are absolutely amazing at creating a relaxing environment - plus the smell spreads through the flat!
7. A book on ADD - which has been massively helpful since my energy is not being depleted as normal at the moment.
8. My volunteer pass - I have been volunteering almost every single day helping the elderly and vulnerable to get essential food and items.
9. AirPods - to listen to music and podcasts👍🏻
10. Sleep better essential oil - used in my aroma diffuser every evening to help put my mind at ease.
11. Tv remote - to watch comedy programmes on Netflix.
12. Plants / tending after my house plants has been amazing! Also every time I go to the supermarket I am picking up another one!
13. Candles....because, candles!
14. iPad - my right hand man.
15. The love from my boyfriend @bygarvy 💞 this photo was taken on our second date!