By Lola Zuccotti-Webster (13 years old)

1. Top from Brandy Melville: I like to dress up every now and then in quarantine.
2. Jewellery box: I wear jewellery everyday. 
3. Bandana: I sometimes wear my bandana on my head to make me feel nice.
4, 5 & 6: Glossier products + nail varnish: sometimes I like to put on some lipgloss, mascara and nail varnish to make me feel like i’m going out somewhere.
7. Face mask: every now and then I’ll put on a face mask to help my skin and for a little bit of fun.
8. Face wash: I use my face wash to clean my face
9 & 10. ‘Burt’s Bees Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm’ + ‘EOS Coconut Lip Balm’: During the end of winter my lips tend to get dry and chapped so i use my lip balms to help which help a lot. 
11. Butterfly Hang Earring from Brandy Melville: this is one of my favourite pair of earrings
12. Argon Oil: Sometimes my hair gets a bit frizzy so I put in my argon oil to take away some frizz and make it smell nice.
13. Dairy Milk Plain Chocolate: I have never been a sweet person I have always gone for the chocolate so I couldn’t go through lockdown whithout chocolate.
14. Gold chain necklace from Brandy Melville: one of my favourite necklaces which I wear most days unless I am wearing sliver earrings then I wear one of my silver necklaces.
15. Flared jeans: definitely my favourite pair of jeans I bought this year, they are very comfortable and I never get bored of them.