By Lorenzo Saa


1. Aladdin's Lamp - during Covid19 I rubbed it to prepare to achieve all my dreams.
Top right: @Covid19replicas section
(I made/make a Covid19 daily during lockdown with fruit and veggies and stuff I have at home).
2. My props to make the spikes of the virus.
3. Bluetack, critical in keeping most of them together.
4. Actual @covid19replicas of the day: day 86 made with radishes and kernels.
5. Pumpin from @covid19replicas day 69: still have not eaten it!
6. Mask with fruit and veggies - to stay in tune with my project!
Bottom right
7. Candle to stay hugge while stuck inside.
8. Book for test to become a UK citizen - yahh, I passed!
Bottom left
9. Eye skin care; to avoid getting old during the virus!
10. Sourdough starter
11. new Danish Dough Whisk
12. Sourdough bread, like most, has not raised much! :(
Top left
13. thread: I learned how to sew to help a friend make a quilt with the ambition to have it at the V&A exhibition
14. weight: to exercise each morning (kind of)
15. laptop set, as work has increased as at UN-PRI we aim to do more to make investments sustainable.