By Luciana Gomez

“Things that keep me healthy and sane-ish during shelter-in-place in Dallas”

1. Adidas High Tops. Walking is so therapeutic for me. The weather has been beautiful and being outside clears my mind and keeps me away from my fridge!
2. Gorgeous tulips that made my day (and my home) brighter, dropped off by my friend Melinda .
3. Lucky (also representing my other dog Hope, who's a great pyrenees). They are such a wonderful company for me, tired of so many walks, they still have the best attitude and are the best cuddlers. We have fun together.
4. Anthony Bourdain. The last interview: I love him and what he has to say. His views on life, food, people have been a bit of a virtual trip around the world for me.
5 Apple headphones: I mostly use them for calls and FaceTime. Connecting with people close and far is so important to me, my family and many of my friends are back home in Argentina.
6. Le Labo: Self-care is everything! Bubble baths are such a good way to relax. I try to do as much as I can at home. I still miss my mani/pedi and hair cut, which is probably the first thing I'll do as soon as this is over.
7. Mask: Mandatory now in Dallas for essential business (I own one, so I need it for work). Made by my friend Julieta it is as stylish as she is!
8. Apple TV remote control: While I have tried to stay away from the TV and too much Netflix or HBO, I did binge-watch the last season of Money Heist, and Unorthodox, and I love them both.
9. Cerveza Quilmes: I miss Argentina. Quilmes tastes like home and I like having one on my balcony after a long day.
10. "Oh, that's a good idea" notebook from my favorite paper and gift shop, Read Between The Lines @wereadbetweenthelines right in my neighborhood. This is the right time to come up with ideas for now or later. I had to get pretty creative for my business and this came in handy. A crisis is such a great opportunity to innovate and I am taking it.

11. Candle: I light candles every day at home. I like the way they smell and the mood they create. The make my home more homey, if that makes sense.
12. Tangerine: Vitamin C is vital. I eat a few of these a day. If I miss it, my body feels it. That's also something that I take regularly when I travel to keep me protected from any virus.
13. Strawberries: Not my only snack (I have the not-so-good-for-you ones too....) but I always have berries in the fridge. I used them for smoothies, too.
14. Coffee: I cannot operate without it. I bought this little espresso percolator in Milán last year and love it.
15. Hand sanitizer: Also from Read Between The Lines. I’m a fan! It smells soooo good and it is not sticky. I always carry it with me.

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