By Lydia 

I’m a maternity nurse, therefore an essential worker during lockdown. While I spent much more time at home, I commuted to work five days a week.

1. Sport shoes represent my workout time
2. Soap and brush represent daily cleaning of the house
3. Sanitizer, what I do every minute!
4. Crotchet needle for knitting mats during my free time.
5. Face covering mask for when I leave the house
6. Clothes, I had a chance to amend and fix the garments I was not wearing!
7. Chapati, I do a lot of cooking now.
8. Cake, I bake a lot and also sell it to my neighbours.
9. Strepsils, I take a lot of this plus lemon and honey to keep safe from Covid-19
10. Laptop to watch movies when my husband uses the television.
11. Microphone I use to sing at home at night!
12. Phone to be in touch with relatives especially during this time
13. Note book to log my activities
14. Reward card for shopping
15. The round item with a string represents the Matatu (Nairobi taxi bus) I use for commuting to and from the hospital.