By Maria  

1. The Holy bible serves as guiding tool because it is the first thing I do when I wake up during lockdown.
2. Facemask.
3. Skipping rope to keep fit
4. Hand sanitizer
5. Coloured marker for painting inspiration verses from the holy bible.
6. Body perfume for smelling nice my daily walks.
7. Stainless vacuum flask for cold water during the walk.
8. Locally gospel CD which always serves as inspiration whenever I listened to it during the pandemic.
9. Ice cream to relax my nerves.
10. XPEL hair care shampoo.
11. Mamiya hair growth to maintain the growths of the hair during lockdown
12. Locally made hand brush for brushing the tips of my hair regularly.
13. Tone-up cream to keep the skin smooth and attractive during this period.
14. PM brand's notepad for business ideas.
15. Finally, always on the bed at night with MINISO Life doll as my lockdown partner.