By María Aguirre

1. Laptop: I use it for work and homeschool. I use it more than I would like
2. iPad: I watch series and movies on it, sketch, to listen to music
3. Book: I haven't had much time to read it, but I think it's a good book for these days
4. Coffee: I drink it every day in the morning, before I start being productive
5. Flip flops: they have been my daily shoes, comfortable and cool
6. Tennis: I use them to go for a walk and exercise
7. AirPods: for listening to music and meditating at night
8. Yoga mat: to exercise9. Analog camera: to document quarantine. I am excited to reveal the scrolls
10. Tape measure: I use it for work and for my final university project. Industrial design studio
11. Lavender essential oil: I use it to sleep well and relax
12. Whisk: I have cooked a few new recipes in quarantine
13. Cubre bocas: I use it when I go out to see my grandparents
14. Glasses: I have used them more these days, for working so much on the computer
15. Notebook: I use it to write how I feel and to capture what comes to mind

Mexico City, Mexico