By Maria Belen Morales

“My quarantine essentials”

1. Edén y Eva by Huilo Ruales Hualca book: a novel based in Quito (my home town).
2. Notepad: to catch all ideas and lighten my heart.
3. Laptop
4. Instax camera: to capture and freeze special moments (me and my baby)
5. Babygrow: to dress my newborn baby Inti.
6. Inti’s essentials are my essentials: Q-tips, muslin cloth, Johnson’s baby oil.
7. Antibacterial gel Viive: label designed by me.
8. Local seasonal fruits.
9. Calendula and Lamoderm cream.
10. Shamanic drum: guide, healer, teacher.  
11. Agua de Florida: for cleansing and healing rituals.
12. Saint Mery’s altar: to pray.
13. Candle: represents “Abuelo fuego” (indigenous deity).
14. Sweet herbs: for bathing and releasing body tension.
15. Black kunga: to wrap and carry my baby around me.