By Mariona Ruiz

Things that helped me get through quarantine
1. A shopping bag - until last Saturday, one of the only activities we were allowed to do was grocery shopping!
2. My guitar - I’ve had the chance to practise again!
3. A spatula - I’ve learnt some new recipes (yes, I have baked bread 🍞). 4. Post-it notes - to recreate the studio vibes in my room! (@idecourse )
5. A yoga mat - exercise has helped a lot when walks were not allowed
6. My computer - for obvious reasons. Zoom is the new black.
7. One of my notebooks - list making and organizing have been key to try to be productive 🙄
8. Markers - to take colorful notes while I’m on Zoom calls 🌈
9. Gloves - a must-have accessory I had only used before in labs...
10. My headphones - to make up for all the cancelled gigs and festivals!
11. Books - I would lie and say I’ve read tons... but so far I’ve read 1 book and I’m halfway through Eva Luna
12. My chunky crochet needle - yes, it’s a great hobby if you haven’t tried yet😌
13. Sunscreen - because balcony tanning also requires SPF
14. Runners - comfy and versatile, to jump around the house or go out
15. Leggings - because my use of jeans has dramatically decreased over the last 8 weeks