By Mark

1. ARCHITECTURE BOOKS. Books in general, helped me during the pandemic. Architecture books, in particular, helped me with my craft because they allowed me to immerse in a wider spectrum of designs and solutions.
2. GREENERY SHOWN IN THE LAPTOP SCREEN. I'm fortunate to have a lot of greenery and open spaces in the house, even though I live in the city.
3. LAPTOP ITSELF. An uber-versatile gadget, this helped me the most because it allowed me to work and play in new ways that are quite adapted to the new normal.
4. PROJECTOR. More than just the movies that I watched through a projector, it is the bonding time with kids and my family that is most important during the pandemic.
5. RINGLIGHT. This object represents my virtual meetings and webinars which have been a great alternative source of learning for me.
6. MEASURING TAPE. This represents the projects that I still had even during the lockdown. It isn't just a way to cover for the financial needs, but also to get busy and preoccupied, so that the brain is positively distracted from all the woes of the pandemic.
7. PEN TABLET. The object allows me to draw digitally during online lectures. Teaching is a happy pill for me and having this gadget is vital when explaining visually.
8. EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE. The small maroon box is a repository of games, movies/series, portfolio, and other files. The external hard drive is an essential add-on to the laptop to boost the latter's role in both work and play.
9. BOX OF VITAMINS. It just shows Vitamin C here, but the box represents the whole set of immune-boosting vitamins, including Vit D (+ Zinc) which is said to help fight the Sars-Cov2 by preventing RNA transcription.
10. FLOOR POLISHER. Together with many other household cleaning items, the floor polisher represents the attention to home upkeep which is some sort of coping mechanism to being locked inside our homes for very long periods.
11. BADMINTON RACKETS. We played badminton in our lawn regularly. Of course, this object also represents other physical activities, an important part of gaining both physical and mental health.
12. EMOJI BALL. This heart-eyes emoji ball represents the overall positive disposition which nurtures strong resilience to depression and anxiety.
13. COLORED PENS AND OTHER ART MATERIALS. The absence of the long commutes (during the pre-pandemic times), meant gaining 3 extra hours a day for me. Sometimes, these extra hours can lead to boredom at its best, or dead-serious overthinking at its worst. It really helps to go back to old hobbies like sketching or drawing, among other activities that could not fit into my busy (pre-pandemic) schedule.
14. ALCOHOL. Together with face masks and face shields, this is essential when there is a need to go out.
15. UNICORN NOTEBOOKS. No, they don't represent magical creatures or fairies. But they do represent the magic of having kids in the house, two jolly princesses (age 5 and 7) who bring sunshine day and night inside the house.