By Matthew Cockerill

Curation often a mix of honest reflection, ego and lies.
From the books I’ve not had the time or energy to read to the food and drink that really helps me cope.

1. Fiskars loppers for product design satisfaction in the garden
2. External video cam to look better than the rest
3. Interesting books that I’ll read one day
4. Shades for the garden
5. Cycling with my son in his cap that I’ve told him says poo
6. Coke Zero to fuel my days
7. Snacks..…...see above
8. Killer whale for bath times with my son
9. Assorted fav pens to help earn a living
10. Post it notes - extra sticky for the same reason
11. Trainers for PE with Joe, Benjamin & Mary
12. Cats if they would stay still and Mary’s cakes for moments of delight
13. Shuttle cock for games in the garden
14. An old smart phone to run audio books for my son that give us a fucking break
15. IKEA Frekvens for sound a light fun