By Mauro Porcini

1. A good bottle of wine.
2. A Pepsi can - Here represented through the project “Felt World” of Lucy Sparrow.
3. My laptop - to work and to write my book.
4. A pencil, a pen, a brush, a palette and a drawing pad - to sketch, draw and paint.
5. Ogami stone notebook - to capture my thoughts.
6. A coffe cup - to start, continue and close the day.
7. Candles, shells and sand - to build the vibe.
8. Book(s) - to inspire myself multitasking on many of them.
9. Espadrilles Italy & America - to be comfortable while celebrating my two countries.
10. Little Thinker Andy Warhol doll - to celebrate and be inspired by the man that united art, commerce and communication..
11. Antique 1830 Divina Commedia book - to remember the value of books connecting us with the best thinking of human beings across thousands of years of history.
12. Soccer ball - my passion since I was a kid and a good way to work out in my backyard.
13. Lay’s potato chips - some comfort food couldn’t miss. Here represented by the pillow bag from our licensing collection in China.
14. Guitar - how can you live without some music.
15. Pizza cutter - essential tool for essential food

Long Island
New York, United States