By Maya Seetharaman

“Our Covid Essentials at home”

1. Running shoes- we were and are quite lucky as a family to have a huge garden space, where the three of us could walk. Being able to wake up and wear my shoes, gave me a sense of movement in a time when everything felt shut down. They gave me a sense of agency, and my family a feeling of health and self-care.
2. My dad’s AVR remote- his Audio/Visual set up at home has helped him and us stay entertained, peaceful and informed. The anxieties of the day had often melted away when we huddled together as a family to watch Mr. David Attenborough.
3. Ottolenghi’s Flavor Book- This is just one among a hoard of other wonderful cookbooks that has helped mum and I stay grounded and inspired.
4. Fermentation Bottle- The Art of Fermentation has been my Ikigai throughout 2020. Brewing Kombucha, Tepache and Kefir has brought health, nurture and transformation to me, and has helped me understand the world of interdependence we live in more deeply.
5. Iphone Family- My family, phone and my AirPods have been life giving forces that have helped me feel connected and sane
6. Plant- who doesn’t want them at any time?! They are just little bundles of joy.
7. Kyocera Knife- This knife of mine from Japan, has made all the deliciousness of our cooking possible. It is just one of the best knives I got introduced to at a student dorm
8. iPad Kittens- My mom’s go to essential has been her iPad and also our 5 kittens (who now have new homes. They were the cutest form of therapy ever)
9. Sanitizer- what would we have done without it!!
10. My credit card- It has helped me give people I care about deeply a good time, and show them that I love them :)
11. Seeds- One of the best activities along with fermentation for me has been to grow a garden. It is thrilling to experience a farm to table moment all within the comforts of my own home.
12. Spiritual reading- It has helped us adopt a calming and hopeful perspective towards life.
13. The Glass sound speaker- gifted by a lovely friend, the warm light and sound it emits, has aided many a meditation, reading and work session
14. Keys to Mobility- One of the greatest blessings for us have been our bicycles and car. They have brought us health, hope and help.
15. Luxurious body scrub- shower rituals and citrus scents have brightened up many a dull moment and mood during Covid . I couldn’t do without this self-care.