By Michael 

1. Horns, revisiting cultural practices
2. Iron, I’m now helping with the laundry at home
3 & 4. Laptop and mouse, I’m doing lots of research online for new busienss ideas and watching movies.
5 & 6. Shelac light and greater, for serving my few clients (I’m a beautician)
7. Doll, for all the time at home playing with my daughter
8. Kettle bell for physical fitness exercises at home
9. Hand gel, for sanitizing while with I’m with my clients 
10. Speaker, I listen to music a lot
11. Trainers, I go for daily runs  
12. Bible, to be closer to God while the church is closed
13. Celebrated my baby's birthday
14. Football, to play soccer with my son.
15. French book,to learn French while I have more spare time