By Michelle 

1. Garden book, outdoor activity and vitamin D!
2. Water bottle, health, keeping fit, improving immune system
3. Earphones, for chill times listening to music (we all need time to ourselves at home to stay sane).
4. The Road Less Travelled book by Scott Peck, reading loads in my spare time, educating oneself and relaxing.
5, 6 & 7. Make up x 3, always got to feel pretty whether you are at home or not.
8. Buff, itrepresents having to cover up but can do it in style, it also represents hiking which is a nonprofit group (Thuhc) I run to feed rescued animals. 
9. Money, it represents survival, these days it is expensive to just survive so I would consider this an essential.
10. Mali-Cop DVD for family time altogether.
11. Phoneto stay connected
12. Disposable cutlery pack, buying take-outs tosupport all the struggling industries
13. Pen, for daily writing in my gratitude journal
14. Puppy food, it represents my pitty pup (I wanted her in the pic but she wouldn’t still still … lol). Animals also keeps one sane and give you a reason to wake up in the morning.
15. The gloves represent still working during lockdown