By Michelle Parker

My lockdown essentials in Challock, Kent.

1. Yoga mat for daily yoga which I’ve always aimed for, but never achieved.
2. Neals Yard bath bubbles - more time for the occasional week night relaxing bath. Such a luxury.
3. Whisk - so much therapeutic baking and eating, specially with a husband who runs a fruit and veg business #bananabread #foodari
4. Lemons, limes and all the citrus fruits for therapeutic G&Ts after a day of work/ homeschool.
5. GIN
6,7,8. Coffee... served on a tray in my favourite vintage espresso cup, a gift from the lovely @sarachongkwan
9. Bluebells - Lockdown has made me so grateful to live in the countryside with huge ancient woods on our doorstep #kingswood
10. Dark chocolate
11. Table tennis bat - so grateful for the gift of an outdoor table tennis table from the grandparents for Christmas 2019. Epic battles so far and many more to come....
12. Our puppy, Mako, who arrived in January. The gift that keeps on giving. Good job we chose a spaniel with lots of energy because there’s a lot to be done in lockdown with three boys to entertain!
13. Earphones are absolutely essential for blocking out children during working hours and for solo walks listening to podcasts.
14. Lavazza Gold. Only that.
15. Kindle for the joy of reading through the sleepless nights!