By Miki Toshimori Ikeda

1.Potted basil🌱 (Need no shopping)
2.Air purifier⚗️ (Additional protection from covid-19, hopefully)
3.Clinell wipe🧼 (NHS approved)
4.Oil and vinegar in the decent bottles🧂 (My new essentials for VERY frequent cooking)
5.UTAMARO cleaning detergent🧴 (Super eco and safe for everyday cleaning)
6.Chilled white wine🍷 (A fuel for repetitive cooking)
7.Antibacterial Hand Gel & Sanitiser🧪
8.Vaseline🤚🏻 (Hands are super dry as they are being washed all the time)
9.Antibacterial wipe🧽
10.Beautiful plates for special occasions🧫 (are now used every morning for mood uplifting)
11.Panasonic face moisturiser💆🏻‍♀️
12.Mild steroid hands cream🤚🏻 (For cracked skin...)
13.Hands mask✋🏻 (Instant skin healing)
14.Drunk elephant moisture serum (Deep moisture for face)
15.Pasteuriser alcohol spray🧴 (Super natural antibacterial spray that we could even spray to on food!!!)